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Justin King

Doolin Guitars Artist Justin King

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"Mike, what can I say!! Amazing, beautiful, wonderful guitar!!! Thanks a million."

Self taught from the age of 14, Justin King began playing the guitar and forming bands to play his material. Justin's background is a mix of musical styles that span the world. Drawing influences from Flamenco to Jazz, Celtic, Classical, African, Mainstream, to Americana. His love affair with the acoustic guitar began at about the age of 19, when Justin started performing solo guitar for crowds of up to two thousand people, and began to build a following for his unique style and compositions. Since then he has become a respected guitarist in the North West, and whether he is playing for other guitarists or for the music appreciator, Justin's guitar finds its way to the heart.

Justin first approached me to build a doubleneck steel-string with two identical DADGAD-tuned necks to support his unique two-handed tapping style. The challenge was to design an instrument that could handle 340 lbs of string tension and yet still be acoustically responsive. Justin and I agree that the instrument is an unqualified success. The sound sample is recorded directly from the two B-Band pickups to DAT, with no reverb, equalization, editing or overdubs. The video clip was recorded live at the Hult Center in Eugene, OR.

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