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Muriel Anderson

Guitarist Muriel Anderson

Muriel's classical guitar is built by Paul McGill and her full-size steel string harp guitar is built by Del Langejans.

Excerpt from Muriel Anderson's composition "Clarsah," recorded at John Connor studios

"This guitar opens up new possibilities for my music. Its light weight and smaller size make it manageable for the road, and the half-step tuners and arm-damper allow more flexibility for my music. Its gentle lute-like quality is entirely different in character than my steel-string harp guitar and I've been enjoying its charms. I would like to thank Mike Doolin and Jeff Elliott for their attention to detail and ingenious design."

Widely respected as one of the premier fingerstyle guitarists on the scene today, Muriel Anderson is the first woman to have won the National Fingerpicking Guitar Championship. She is host and originator of the renowned "Muriel Anderson's ALL STAR GUITAR NIGHTĘ" and founder of the Music for Life Alliance, a non-profit organization to put musical instruments in the hands of underprivileged children by providing instruments and funding for music education to schools and grassroots programs nationwide.

Muriel Anderson spoke to Jeff Elliott and me about building her a nylon string harp guitar with a short "requinto" scale, sharping mechanisms and an arm-damper for the 7 harp strings. Jeff consulted with me on the internal bracing structures, particularly on the fan bracing which we based on his excellent Hauser-Torres open-harmonic-bar design.

Hear Muriel play her composition "Clarsah" on this harp-requinto...

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